Episode 4 – How to do it sideways! – Part 2

Now on Speed On A Shoestring, Part 2 of Buxton  – Ride and Skid It

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Speed on a Shoestring – Part 1

Hi everyone.  Here is part one of Speed on a Shoestring.   Thanks to all who have helped with this episode.  We have more to come and you can still get involved here http://tinyurl.com/m4tqdb5

We do need your support to keep this going and we need as many of your friends to see it  – it is really important that loads of people see it now.





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With over 35,000 people visiting us last week on Facebook in just two hours, we decided to release some of our footage as soon as possible. Without rushing it. You always make mistakes when you rush.

The results are on this site.

It was a toss-up between waiting  to cut more or grabbing the opportunity of a load of interest by the scruff of the neck. That in the same week we were filming speedway riding with Jamie and Jenny, which was a fantastic night out, if a bit daunting. Both Rob and I ended up working the Bank Holiday to make it happen.


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Filming on a shoestring, as we are currently nowhere near fully funded, I actually think makes you sharper and focus on the story more. It cuts out the cr*p if I may be so blunt. Since we first started out we have made international films shown in 30 countries or more and have learnt a tonne of stuff. Sometimes we have 90 people or more involved in a production and all the stress that entails.

But we are back where we where over 12 years ago – shooting things we are passionate about for our own audience.

Too me, this is far more important. To have direct access to an audience, YOU, who are mad keen for us to make good stuff for you, well yeah, it is far more important than anything we have done in ages. That and the book – that was important too as it opens up our work to a much wider audience. [book is at www.killeryears.com]

Watch this space! More news soon.

JL Matthews, producer, camera, driver, butty and tea maker


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Some of the crew from filming at Ride and Skid It, Buxton – Jenny top right, Jamie bottom left, Rob 2nd from top right, me 2nd from top left. Our mechanic Geoff top L – Aidan Collins on the bike and his dad bottom right